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MH-FG-2300A arm pallet wrapper

Discover the impressive MH-FG-2300A rotating arm pallet wrapper on a heavy-duty portal. This machine is specifically designed to optimize your pallet wrapping process and meet the demands of heavy industrial environments. Below are the key features of the MH-FG-2300A:

Heavy-duty portal: The MH-FG-2300A is built on a robust portal, providing maximum stability and durability, even under heavy use and with heavy loads.

250% pre-stretch system: With the integrated pre-stretch mechanism, you can pre-stretch the film up to 250%, saving costs on packaging materials and improving load stability.

Frequency-controlled motors: The MH-FG-2300A is equipped with frequency-controlled motors, allowing you to accurately adjust the arm rotation speed for optimal performance.

Advanced controls and settings: The intuitive control interface of the MH-FG-2300A makes it easy to set the wrapping parameters, achieving consistent and precise wrapping results.

Safe and efficient wrapping: The MH-FG-2300A arm pallet wrapper provides safe and efficient wrapping of your pallet loads. The fully automated process ensures reliable stabilization during transportation and storage.

With the MH-FG-2300A rotating arm pallet wrapper on a heavy-duty portal, you benefit from the integrated 250% pre-stretch mechanism and frequency-controlled motors. This machine offers the ultimate solution for safely, efficiently, and accurately wrapping your pallet loads. Invest in the MH-FG-2300A today and elevate your logistics processes to the next level. Contact us for more information.

Technical data MH-FG-2300A arm pallet wrapper

  • Power Connection: 230Vac / 1,49kW
  • Compressed air required: No
  • Machine weight: 1100kg
  • Available programs: Single winding, Up and down winding, Single winding with top sheet, Up and down winding with top sheet, Manual
  • Dispensing film cart: Fixed 250% Pre-Stretch System
  • Maximum load: Not applicable
  • Maximum pallet size: 1200 x 1200mm
  • Wrapping surface diameter: 1800mm
  • Maximum wrapping height: 2400mm
  • Other functions: Exact position stop, Automatic height detection

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