This Slim Line carton sealer is suitable for sealing boxes in series with tape on top and/or bottom. The Slim Line is intended as an entry model for smaller series and therefore a nice carton sealer to start with. Professional finishing guaranteed by pressure rollers to press any valve openings against each other. The conveyor belts that transport the box through the tape machine are controlled by an adjustable timer so that they do not remain on unnecessarily. The adjustment, with the help of the levers, is easy and fast.


  • Power: 230 Vac / 50 Hz / kW
  • Machine Weight: 152 kg
  • Capacity: 30 cartons/min
  • box length: 150 - ∞ mm
  • box width: 130 - 500 mm
  • box height: 120 - 480 mm
  • Tape: PVC or PP;
    width: max 50 mm;
    core: 76 mm.

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