The CF-20TX is a fully automated case erecting machine that taks a unfolded box (American folding box) from the magazine, folds it open and automatically folds the bottom 4 flaps. Then the bottom of the box is provided with a layer of tape. The CF-20TX case erection machine is designed in such a way that the required space on the work floor is kept to a minimum. Automatic setting up of larger box sizes is possible with the CF-20TX XL case errector.

Manual setting up of boxes costs space, time and therefore extra money. Therefore one chooses quickly for the automatic setting up of boxes with a case errector.



  • Power: 230 Vac / 50 Hz / 0,5 kW
  • Air consumption: 24 Nl/cycle
  • Machine Weight: 550 kg
  • Work height: 620-700 mm
  • Capacity: 6-7 cartons/min
  • box length: 330 - 530 mm
  • box width: 165 - 330 mm
  • box height: 270 - 570 mm

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