Zenith jdc/16 hand strapperThe new Zenith JDC / 16 vibrator tensioner excels in its simplicity and quality. This vibrospanner is equipped with a 2-button operation and is suitable for 6 to 16 mm. polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) strap. This hand tensioner automatically tightens the strap, a vibrolas then firmly ties the strap together without having to use seals. The strapping band is, of course, immediately cut, the tensioning wheel resets itself and the hand tensioner can easily be turned away. The Zenith JDC / 16 is ready for your next strapping.


  • Weight: 2,7 kg including battery
  • Tensioning force: 6 - 280 kg
  • Strap material: PET or PP Width: 12 - 16 mm Thickness: 0,60 - 1,20 mm

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