The MH-FG-2300B rotating arm palletwrapper is ideal to wrap very heavy pallets because the pallet is positioned on the floor itself. Also less stable pallets are easy to wrap because the pallets doesn't rotate. The machine is equiped with a film saving pre-stretch system. This machine is, if placed against a wall, also space saving compared to a portal wrapping system.

Where is this pallet wrapping machine used?

This pallet wrapper is mainly used by companies that:

  • have unstable pallets;
  • pallets that weigh more than 2000kg.
MH-FG-2300B Arm pallet wrapper


  • Power: 230 Vac / 50 Hz / 1.47 kW
  • Machine Weight: 900 kg

  • Available programs:
    up and down
    up with topsheet
    up and down with topsheet
  • Film feeder: Powered prestretch ,
    Prestretch ratio: 250%
  • Max pallet size: 1200x1200 mm
  • Arm diameter: 1800 mm
  • Max wrapping height: 2400 mm
  • Other feature(s):
    Automatic pallet height detection
    exact position stop

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