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MH-FG-2020BL pallet wrapper

Are you looking for an advanced pallet wrapper that meets all your packaging needs? Look no further, as the MH-FG-2020BL pallet wrapper is the perfect solution for your packaging challenges. This wrapper is equipped with groundbreaking features that optimize your packaging process and give your business a competitive advantage.

Only 34mm High Turntable: Optimal Space-Saving Design

One of the most unique features of the MH-FG-2020BL pallet wrapper is its turntable with a height of only 34mm. This is possible thanks to innovative engineering and high-quality materials. With such a low turntable, you can use exceptionally short ramps, resulting in a space-saving design. You can efficiently place the wrapper in tight spaces and make the most of the available space in your facility.

250% Pre-Stretcher: Maximum Efficiency with Reduced Film Consumption

The MH-FG-2020BL pallet wrapper is equipped with an advanced pre-stretcher with a ratio of 250%. This innovative feature ensures that the packaging film is stretched up to 250% before being applied to the pallet. This minimizes film consumption without compromising load stability. Not only do you save on film costs, but you also help the environment by producing less waste.

Infinitely Adjustable Motors: Flexibility and Precision

The MH-FG-2020BL pallet wrapper is designed with your needs in mind. All motors in this wrapper are infinitely adjustable, giving you full control over the wrapping speed, rotation speed, and film feed. This means you can customize the machine for different loads and packaging requirements. Whether it's light or heavy loads, you can rely on this wrapper for consistent and precise performance.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Save on packaging costs with the 250% pre-stretcher
  • Adjust wrapping speed and film feed with the infinitely adjustable motors
  • Optimize your facility space with the ultra-thin turntable
  • Improve load stability and reduce product damage
  • Increase productivity and packaging throughput

The MH-FG-2020BL pallet wrapper is a valuable investment for your business, regardless of size or industry. It is the ideal choice for efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in your packaging process.

Contact us today to learn more about the MH-FG-2020BL pallet wrapper and discover how this advanced wrapper can elevate your packaging activities to the next level.

Technical data MH-FG-2020BL pallet wrapper

  • Power Connection: 230Vac / 1,49kW
  • Compressed air required: No
  • Machine weight: 700kg
  • Available programs: Single winding, Up and down winding, Single winding with top sheet, Up and down winding with top sheet, Manual
  • Dispensing film cart: Fixed 250% Pre-Stretch System
  • Maximum load: 1500kg
  • Maximum pallet size: 1200x1200mm
  • Wrapping surface diameter: 1680mm
  • Maximum wrapping height: 2400mm
  • Other functions: Exact position stop, Automatic height detection

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